Darkness By Guy Bell

Size: 56" x 54.5"

Guy Bell’s careful observation of the natural world began at a young age, instilled in him by his father, a Navy pilot. First in Florida and later in his adopted home of Arkansas, Bell spent countless hours looking skyward and wandering the woods, imagining himself to be an explorer in an untouched wilderness. Often, this fantasy was broken by evidence of humanity: in cans found cast on the forest floor, a communications tower jutting skyward from the horizon, or a contrail left to hang silently in the sky by a passing airplane. Such depictions of humanity’s presence in nature are often woven into his work. 

A self-taught artist, Bell has always been drawn to using visual art as a way to process and express the many complexities--and simplicities--of life, often through metaphor. Moreover, he values the ability that painted artwork has to both transcend language and express the ineffable, that which cannot be satisfactorily described in words. His representational work is crafted in an intentionally open-ended way, allowing the viewer to interpret from his or her own perspective.