N˚01 Aurora Candle

A gorgeous daytime scent reminiscent of the first signs of spring. Notes of neroli flower, jasmine and bergamot create an energizing shift.

The Experience

Fall in love with your home all over again. Luxurious, feminine and dreamy, AURORA is a gorgeous daytime scent meant to transport you to the first signs of spring, experiencing the magic of walking barefoot through a lush orange grove.

Fragrance Profile
  • TOP NOTES: Mandarin, bergamot, petitgrain
  • MIDDLE NOTES: Jasmine, neroli flower, clove leaf
  • BASE NOTES: Vanilla flower, musk, santal
Our Recommendation

Light AURORA in the morning or early afternoon with a freshly cleaned house, opening all the windows and allowing the breeze to come through. Bright sunlight is filtering in and freshly cut flowers sit on the counter. You can feel the warmth from outside streaming in through the house, reminding you of places you’ve traveled and moments to remember.

Ingredients and Burn Time
  • 8.5 oz
  • Hand poured in Los Angeles
  • ~50 hours of burn time
  • Soy blend wax
  • Formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Nycz

Love the dusk scent most