Scott Kerr Art No.2

Size: 48" x 60"

Scott Kerr is a self-taught Contemporary Abstract Artist. As a young boy, he was exposed to the art world by his father through the works of a local Texas artist, David Brownlow. Amazed at the emotion it evoked in him at a such a young age, Scott began to create. Not always adapting to the traditional school setting, it was challenging for him to sit in an art class and draw a basic apple. He did not see the apple the way the teacher wanted him to see it. He saw something more.

For years Scott was not able to understand his unique, independent style– until he discovered a painting hanging in a gallery in Scottsdale. At that moment, the color and movement of the piece connected with his creativity, and now he paints with that same passion and inspiration.

After having sold out of paintings during his first art show, Scott received more opportunities to show pieces across the United States. Through his creativity, and using mixed media materials, he continues to lead his audience to use their imagination and experiences to connect with his work.